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What to do when you Find yourself Bisexual after Getting Married?

What should do when you found yourself bisexual after getting married? How do you tell your husband or wife that you are bisexual? That’s the question our members have met before, and they are so kind to share their stories with all the other members at our couples dating sites. We have sorted out some advice from their stories to help those who are facing the problem now.

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Honest, with kindness, compassion, and all the love for him/her. Some bisexual people think it is kinder to keep their sexual realization in secret. It is really not true. Your spouse deserves to know the real truth about who you are. You must respect both of you, and move on with your life. In this case, you don’t have a choice in your sexual attraction, but you do have a choice in being honest about it with your spouse. If you realize that you are bisexual woman who is fantasizing about another woman, you have the responsibility, to be honest with your husband. It works best by being honest about what you are no matter how difficult that is.

Choose a right time to tell. We know some members on bisexual dating app have a hard coming out store by choosing a wrong time.  This is not a conversation to have on those big days, like a major holiday, wedding anniversary, your birthday, or any other important days that get commemorated annually. Don’t choose to tell on those days for you may ruin the celebration atmosphere. Choose the other days to have this conversation, and the sooner the better.

Do it quick, stick to the facts, do not go to anything else. This is really important point mentioned by almost every member who encountered this situation at our couples dating sites. You can not feel all the pain from your husband or wife. And there are not many things that you can do for them. Look in the eyes fo your spouse, tell that you are bisexual and apologize for not realizing till now. Divorce or rebuild your relationship after they accept the fact. It’s the only way to help your spouse move on.

The one thing we know is that most people in this situation have never, ever regretted coming out to their spouse. If you want to know more stories, just join our couples dating sites to find it. Members here are willing to share their stories and give advice for your bisexual life! Anyway, once you do it, you will feel like to be a whole person again.  At last, welcome to the bisexual world to start your bisexual dating and bisexual relationships !

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