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bicupid reviews

Bisexual Dating App for Women Seeking Love and Romance

bicupid app

Now the internet and dating apps have become the main ways for LGBT persons seeking love and romance. However, Despite being part of LGBT, the B is very frequently forgotten by all the other people. If you are bisexual, it is hard to find a dating app that allows you to fully be yourself. That is the problem of the majority of dating apps.Except for bisexual dating app, few of them allow users to choose “bisexual” or seek “both men and women.”

The earliest and largest bisexual website bicupid has made an entry into the bisexual dating app market. Bicupid has ranked the No.1 place at our rank list of the top 5 bisexual dating websites. We have an article about why we choose bicupid as the best bisexual dating site as well as the site reviews page – bicupid reviews. You can check the article and the page if you are interested in. Today we will not talk about the site but the bisexual dating app – bicupid app.

The No.1 bisexual dating app dedicated to bisexual dating service only for bisexual and bi-curious.Unlike other dating apps, bicupid app doesn’t leave its members high and dry. Except for the common meet features, there are many other useful features at bicupid app. In addition to engaging in conversations, members can share photo albums, join in contests, explore forums and much more.

The bisexual community is constantly changing because the new generation is looking for love and romance through the bisexual websites and bisexual dating app more often. Some people consider this as a dangerous sign, but what the millennials see is the danger for their mental and physical security from “traditional” bar and club scenes.

It is the aim of bicupid app to make bisexual dating easier, faster and effective. Bicupid app also welcomes those open-minded persons to join. And the members of bicupid app come from all over the world, and mainly from United States, United Kindom, Australia, Canada, and so on… If you belong to the bisexual community, there are no better bisexual dating apps than bicupid app. Download bicupid app on your smartphone and connect with other bisexual singles and couples who share the same interests.

How Bicupid Works?

Online bisexual dating websites make it easy for bisexual women and bisexual men meet and chat with each other. Among all the bisexual websites, Bucupid is the largest, earliest and secure one for bisexual singles and bisexual couples to join. You can benefit a lot by becoming member of BiCupid. Since we have ranked Bicupid as the best bisexual dating site, we are here to explain how it works today.

bicupid reviews-how bicupid works

1. Sign up for free
Bicupid is designed for bisexual and bi-curious individuals. It is free to sign up. You can also sign up with your Facebook account. The sign-up process at BiCupid is simple and easy, which won’t take you too much time.


2. Create your profile
You will be a free member once you join the site, which allows you to create your profile and you can upload as many as 26 photos. We strong recommend you to finish your profile and with bio and photos because a good profile will make your bisexual dating easier. There are over 1,026,100 bisexual members at this largest, best bisexual dating websites. Your completed and good profile is just like your own sexy ads. People can get to know you by viewing your profile, which will increase your chance of being contacted.

bisexual dating websites

3. Quick search for sexual ads
As a free member of, you can search other members by age/ country /area / state /city and send them winks then. If you are a gold member, you can have an advanced search engine details. It will definitely make your match more accurate with more specific demand.


4. Unique features

Bi date ideas

Bisexual videos

Let’s meet

Bisexual dating advice

First bisexual experiences


5. Membership
There are two types of membership at – standard membership for free members and gold membership for paid members. And you can find the details for both free membership and gold membership at our Bicupid reviews page.


6. Enjoy your own bisexual dating at wonderful bisexual dating websites!
If you are out looking for effective bisexual dating websites, Bicupid is the platform to be on. It provides a friendly and comfortable environment for single bisexual women and bisexual men seeking romance and love. You can also consider it as one of couple dating websites since many bisexual couples dating here at Bicupid. It also can be best bi curious websites for bi curious women and bi curious men to join. The site takes special measurements to make sure all the profiles of their members are safe along with their financial information. Your privacy will be safe here at Bicupid.


Why BiCupid?

best bisexual dating websites

Maybe you are single bisexual men or women looking online for hooking up or real love;  or you may be bi curious men or bi curious women who want to meet bisexuals and explore your own bisexuality with them; or else you are bisexual couple seeking woman or man to have fun with. No matter which kind of person you are, you will always find what you want at Bicupid.

With so many popular bisexual dating sites come across online when you search on the internet, choosing the best one could be a tough task. That’s why present you this rank list —— to help you save your time. And we have ranked Bicupid as the best bisexual dating sites among all the other bisexual dating websites.

First, largest, best bisexual dating site

Founded in 2001, is one of the earliest bisexual dating sites in the world. It already has a long history of 15-year success with online bisexual dating for now. Bicupid is designed for single bisexual men, bisexual women as well as bi curious men and bi curious women and bisexual couples. Here singles can find date partner or soul mate. Bisexual couples seeking men or women for fun is another subject. As the world’s first, largest, secure and most effective bi dating site, Bicupid now boasts over 1,020,100 bisexual members. The members of Bicupid are from all over the world and mainly ranged from US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, which makes your bisexual dating easier. This is one of the reason for Bicupid goes the best bisexual dating site.


Simple, quick sign up and search

Like most of bisexual dating websites, Bicupid is free to sign up,  and you can also sigh up with Facebook.  With a simple sign-up, you have opened the door of  the largest bisexual dating site .  A good profile will give you a great  start for your  bisexual dating.  For people who never known and met ever before, your profile is your face, the very first and the most important thing for you to manage.  Then you can go to the quick search engine. It will help you match your date partner easily.  Only rough search are available for standard members. If you want a more specific match from Bicupid’s search engine, you need to upgrade  for a gold membership.  Of course, there are also many other advantages for a gold membership. You can check the details on our page of Bicupid reviews.


Unique features


Bisexual Date Ideas

Bisexual Videos

Bisexual Forums

Online Bisexual Chat

First Bisexual Experience

Daily Bisexual News

Largest Bisexual Blogs

Let’s Meet

Bicupid provides many features for their members. You won’t feel lonely or nothing to do when you are visiting this wonderful bisexual dating site.  All these features above are designed from the same aim — to make Bicupid a  friendly, comfortable and effective bisexual dating websites for bisexual women, bisexual men, bi curious women, bi curious men, bi curious women and bisexual couples.


Bicupid APP

As the earliest, largest and a successful bisexual dating site, Bicupid also owns mobile app. The No. 1 bisexual dating APP has been expected long by their members and then it come out as their members wished.  This will definitely make your date faster and easier than before.  With a small phone on hand, you can make a date with other bisexuals at the site anywhere you are.  So tell us why don’t we  choose Bicupid as the best bisexual dating site?


Special attention to protect members’ privacy

Bicupid pays more attention on protecting the privacy of their members than any other bisexual dating sites. They do not sell any profile of any customers or any other practice that will ruin the dignity of any members. You can feel totally safe for uploading your photos, writing and replying your emails and so on…. And all these shows their ideas of providing a comfortable and effective bisexual dating websites for bisexuals , bi curious and bi couples !  Don’t hesitate anymore, why not give yourself a chance? It’s free to sign up !