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How to Support Bisexual Friends Who Are out to be Bisexual Girls?

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Not everyone who comes to bisexual dating sites is bisexual himself. Some people came not for seeking their own matches or bisexual relationships. Some register at bisexual sites hoping to find ways to cope with their bisexual friends or their bisexual family members, like husband or parents. Or they come here to find answers to the questions they have in their mind: ” I think my wife may be bisexual women, what do I do?” or ” My friend has recently out as a bisexual girl, how to support bisexual friends like her?”

We hope to help every person who come to the bisexual dating sites for their answers to questions above. So here are the tips from us to support bisexual friends.

1.Listen, it is still hard for those bisexual people to out their bisexuality to their friends or family members. That’s why the majority of bisexual people choose bi websites to speak out. The first thing you need to do is to make it easier for your bisexual friends to come out to you. Make sure your friends know that you are positive and respectful about LGBT people.

2.Once a person comes to accept her bisexuality, the next thing is to gain the acceptance of her close friends. Remember acceptance is the biggest issue for the bisexual people. Don’t mean to show your understanding and acceptance for your bisexual friends.

3.Let them know that no matter they are bisexuals or not, you won’t judge them and your friendship won’t change a little. It’s important since they may have been afraid that you might have rejected them as bisexual and that they would lose you as a friend. Be the friend you have always been.

4.Respect your friend’s privacy. It’s upon them to to decide whether, when and how they tell other people their bisexuality.  Act like the bisexual people they have met on the bisexual websites.

One thought on “How to Support Bisexual Friends Who Are out to be Bisexual Girls?

  1. evan says:

    It is really important to have someone support you when you came out


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