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Lady Gaga: First LGBT Hit of Super Bowl Halftime Show

ladygaga super bowl 2017

HOUSTON, February 5, 2017 – Lady Gaga sang her famous pro-LGBT song “Born This Way” during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Thus Lady Gaga becomes the first person to ever to mention LBGT community, including “lesbian,” “gay,” “bi,” or “transgender” at the Super Bowl:

“Don’t be a drag, just be a queen

Whether you’re broke or evergreen

You’re black, white, beige, chola descent

You’re Lebanese, you’re Orient

Whether life’s disabilities

Left you outcast, bullied, or teased

Rejoice and love yourself today

‘Cause, baby, you were born this way

No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgender life.”

This is huge for the whole LGBT community, especially under the new government leads by Trump. As an openly bisexual singer, Lady Gaga has made a good move for promoting LGBT agenda on this big national event. About 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year, including the president of the United States -Trump.

Tips for Bisexual Couples to Have a Threesome

Threesome maybe a controversial topic to talk about in the reality since for many of us, threesome seems like kind of sex exploits that only happen in the movies. Not all the bisexuals love threesome, but there are many bisexual couples seeking men or women to join them in order to explore sexuality. And we also have bisexual men and women seeking couples a lot at couples dating sites. While it is a matter of fact that having threesome is every guy’s dream sexual fantasy. And when you plan to put it into practice, there are some things that you need to know.

threesome tips-couples dating sites

Choose the right person.
You should choose the third partner wisely, especially when you’re part of a couple. Never thinking about to mention any of your ex-lovers or best friends. It’s never the best choice. There is one sex and relationship expert who recommends finding a single person in your bisexual dating sites, couples dating sites, or groups who you’re not too close with. But he or she should have an open mind to a threesome.

Get clear about the bottom line.
You should have a good communication before you do it. What is acceptable for your partner and what’s not? Get all the information first before you met the third person to get rid of a fight or more. Talk about what’s on and off the table. And there are other things to talk about after you three met. Does your guest stick with foreplay? What’s position would make all you guys want to have a try? Is it Ok to kiss? Remember the most important thing is getting clear about everyone’s bottom line.

Have safe sex.
You don’t want to risk of being affected STDs on a crazy night doing threesome, right? Keep condoms nearby and always remember to have a protection. The conversation about STI status should have been had before you actually doing it, even with protection in hand. It’s not something bad to talk about but shows respect for your partner(s) and yourself.

Just enjoy it.
Since you have been here, just feel free to experience and enjoy it. Take the time to find out what makes you tick sexually and then share that with the other two. Be open and brave to the new experience. You will like it once you really get engaged in it.

Remember that you are a grown, and you are not an animal. Having threesome fantasy is ok and putting it into reality can be ok too. But it is not right to think about it all the time.

What should do when you found yourself bisexual after getting married? How do you tell your husband or wife that you are bisexual? That’s the question our members have met before, and they are so kind to share their stories with all the other members at our couples dating sites. We have sorted out some advice from their stories to help those who are facing the problem now.

couple dating sites

Honest, with kindness, compassion, and all the love for him/her. Some bisexual people think it is kinder to keep their sexual realization in secret. It is really not true. Your spouse deserves to know the real truth about who you are. You must respect both of you, and move on with your life. In this case, you don’t have a choice in your sexual attraction, but you do have a choice in being honest about it with your spouse. If you realize that you are bisexual woman who is fantasizing about another woman, you have the responsibility, to be honest with your husband. It works best by being honest about what you are no matter how difficult that is.

Choose a right time to tell. We know some members on bisexual dating app have a hard coming out store by choosing a wrong time.  This is not a conversation to have on those big days, like a major holiday, wedding anniversary, your birthday, or any other important days that get commemorated annually. Don’t choose to tell on those days for you may ruin the celebration atmosphere. Choose the other days to have this conversation, and the sooner the better.

Do it quick, stick to the facts, do not go to anything else. This is really important point mentioned by almost every member who encountered this situation at our couples dating sites. You can not feel all the pain from your husband or wife. And there are not many things that you can do for them. Look in the eyes fo your spouse, tell that you are bisexual and apologize for not realizing till now. Divorce or rebuild your relationship after they accept the fact. It’s the only way to help your spouse move on.

The one thing we know is that most people in this situation have never, ever regretted coming out to their spouse. If you want to know more stories, just join our couples dating sites to find it. Members here are willing to share their stories and give advice for your bisexual life! Anyway, once you do it, you will feel like to be a whole person again.  At last, welcome to the bisexual world to start your bisexual dating and bisexual relationships !

What to do when you Find yourself Bisexual after Getting Married?

bisexual websites

If you are looking for love and romance online at bisexual websites or bisexual dating app, a great profile is the key to sucess bisexual relationships. You are marketing yourself to other members online. So you need a good profile to show you off in a way that can catch other’s eye and interest instantly. Let’s admit that your profile will be a major factor in any sucessfual bisexual relationships. A good profile can not only tell the right things about you, also truly reflects who you’re looking for.

Make your profile by conveying sincerity.

Don’t be afraid of telling people who you really are and what you like. A truly attractive person has the confidence to express their own feelings and thoughts without caring what others think. Just remember not trying to “big” yourself up when you write your main bio. Otherwise it will be a false ad, which maybe not taken as a real person. Don’t try to pretend yourself to be a sexy lady when you are not that kind of woman in reality. Be your authentic self and convey that in your profile.

Write an intriguing headline for your profile.

Having a headline is a good way to make your profile outstanding from thousands of profiles at biseuxal dating websites. Don’t think about write everything in this initial area. You can put two to three sentences to describe your main feature and tell what kind of person you’re looking for. Choose a favorite movie quote or a line or two from your favorite book, or it can be a lyric. It will help a lot if your headlines are intriguing and honest. And do not forget to make it brief and to the point.

Describe yourself by telling a story.

Make an intertesting story instead of just list everything out. Most bisexual websites has the same content design about the profile area. After filling in your basic information, you can add more details about yourself in a main text area. Write a story to describe the things you’re passionate about, like your interests and hobbies. The more details that you can provide the better results for your bisexual dating. People can know more about you in this way. If you like traveling, take the chance to discuss your favorite place that you’ve ever been to or you want to visit. And you may use some open questions to attract people’s attention. When someone message you to answer your questions, your profile get the way.

Check your spelling and grammar.

People will judge your intelligence by how you write. While it is so important to have smart text on your profile. Thinking about when you are reaching a profile with horrible spelling and grammar. Would you have the willing to contact him or her? I m afraid not. We have heard so many members from our bisexual websites talking about it. Little things like typos will make some of them quickly move on to the next profile.

Start your Bisexual Dating with a Perfect Profile!

My Dating Story on Bi curious Websites

 bi curious websitesFinally, I decided to get out of my single status. The quickest way to find someone was online since I wanted to fulfill my desire as soon as possible. I joined the bi curious websites after a little research. I’m female, single, bisexual, 27 years old. Three months ago, I ended a two-year relationship, again, after a six-year one. It was so hard to manage my emotions by myself. I knew there were many bi curious women and bi curious men who wanted to explore their bicurosity, and most sexually.

I viewed mаnу profiles and chatted wіth ԛuіtе a fеw bi curious women who are searching for раrtnеrѕ. While it seems that things didn’t work out in a short time. I was so disappointed and almost done with online this bi curious websites. I saw some successful bisexual relationships as well as many positive experiences sharing at bisexual websites and bi curious sites. There are lots of lovely guys there but why I don’t meet any. Then a girl named Sierra showed up, a bi curious women, newbie. She was on this bi curious websites and another bisexual dating app.

We exchanged our mobile number after emailed for a few weeks. Then we called almost every day and for many hours. We gоt tо knоw еасh оthеr ԛuіtе wеll. Sometimes we sext throughout all the day and I get super wet there. We dесіdеd tо mееt in реrѕоn to furthеr оur rеlаtіоnѕhір though we lived in the different states. The 3 hours drive were not a big problem for us. I’d love to get a little sex in so I accepted her invitation over to her place. Our first ѕеxuаl еxреrіеnсеѕ is great. Then a two weeks vacation was offered so I told her I want to spend my vacation with her and she was happy to hear the news. And we spent a 3 days travel during the vacation at that time, which made our relationships more solid.

For now we have been together for more than 8 months. And I have totally got over my old relationships and sunk into this new one. I am not sure whether Sierra is seeing me as her soul mate, but I do. She makes my life better and our relationship goes so well. I am so happy that I can be one of those guys who shares successful story here. If you have put yourself out there at bisexual dating app or bi curious websites or any others, don’t make it a rush. Believe that you will always find someone. Keep your eyes open and think in a positive way!

Time to Start your Bisexual Relationships

bisexual relationships -bisexual dating websites

For society reasons, being a bisexual is not easy and finding someone to love is much more difficult. If you are bi and the statement is confusing you, you need to read this article from our bisexual dating sites. The greatest advice for you is to ignore these negative statements. Actually, there are many benefits associated with being bisexual in a relationship.

As bisexual men or women, you will have more choice when choosing your partner. And you no longer have to stick to a specific gender, which will give you a higher chance for a successful relationship.  There is no argument that your bisexual relationships will get much attention everywhere out of bisexual dating websites or bi couple dating sites. The common people are interested in that kind of mystical sexual orientation. Sometimes you and your partner will enjoy the attention.
It always takes a lot of courage to come out as bisexual in a relationship. But you should keep in mind that it doesn’t mean your relationship is not going to last long just because you are bisexual. Your bisexual relationships will be as long as you are completely committed towards it like that of ordinary relationship. Nevertheless, if your partner fails to respect the fact that you came out as bisexual and is not open-minded towards it, there is no point of having such a relationship, right?  The right and long-lasting relationship should be based on true love and values in the first place.

The finest advice from our bisexual dating websites is that not pay any kind of heed to what people may have to say about your bisexual relationships. Make sure that you are communicating with each other at all times and are taking care of each other’s needs and requirements and your bisexual relationships would not be any different than an ordinary one. Considering the benefits as mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that bisexual relationships are bound to stand as long as ordinary relationships and are not lacking in any of the possible element of a relationship.


Bisexual Dating App for Women Seeking Love and Romance

bicupid app

Now the internet and dating apps have become the main ways for LGBT persons seeking love and romance. However, Despite being part of LGBT, the B is very frequently forgotten by all the other people. If you are bisexual, it is hard to find a dating app that allows you to fully be yourself. That is the problem of the majority of dating apps.Except for bisexual dating app, few of them allow users to choose “bisexual” or seek “both men and women.”

The earliest and largest bisexual website bicupid has made an entry into the bisexual dating app market. Bicupid has ranked the No.1 place at our rank list of the top 5 bisexual dating websites. We have an article about why we choose bicupid as the best bisexual dating site as well as the site reviews page – bicupid reviews. You can check the article and the page if you are interested in. Today we will not talk about the site but the bisexual dating app – bicupid app.

The No.1 bisexual dating app dedicated to bisexual dating service only for bisexual and bi-curious.Unlike other dating apps, bicupid app doesn’t leave its members high and dry. Except for the common meet features, there are many other useful features at bicupid app. In addition to engaging in conversations, members can share photo albums, join in contests, explore forums and much more.

The bisexual community is constantly changing because the new generation is looking for love and romance through the bisexual websites and bisexual dating app more often. Some people consider this as a dangerous sign, but what the millennials see is the danger for their mental and physical security from “traditional” bar and club scenes.

It is the aim of bicupid app to make bisexual dating easier, faster and effective. Bicupid app also welcomes those open-minded persons to join. And the members of bicupid app come from all over the world, and mainly from United States, United Kindom, Australia, Canada, and so on… If you belong to the bisexual community, there are no better bisexual dating apps than bicupid app. Download bicupid app on your smartphone and connect with other bisexual singles and couples who share the same interests.

Why Bisexual Dating Websites?

bisexual dating websites
Although bisexuals stand for the third letter “B” of LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender), it is obvious that they are left out in most cases. The acceptance for bisexuals is much lower than that of lesbians and gays. Bisexual people are often judged as greedy human beings since they are attracted to both men and women. This judgment makes bisexual dating getting so hard for bisexuals, bi curious men and women. A lot of bisexual people turn to bisexual dating websites for seeking love and romance today. Why are they doing this?

1. Easier online at bisexual sites and no judgment

Unlike traditional dating, people at bisexual dating websites are most likely to be bisexual or bi curious, and some other open-minded persons. Most of them have the same sex orientation of attracting by both girls and boys. People will not judge you here at bisexual dating websites. And it will make things easier at bisexual websites if they are bisexual or bi curious people. They can easily mingle or connect with hundreds of bisexual singles or couples who are also looking to meet with since numerous bisexual as well as bi-curious people here are waitting to be contacted. It’s a great way to meet people you would never otherwise encounter, see places you may never have heard of and build confidence.

2. Greater successful rate of bisexual dating

single bisexuals as well bi curious men and bi curious women here start out with something in common, looking for bisexual passion and bisexual romance. The most common interest will help make bisexual dating easier as well as more effective. A lot of members has found their best matches at bisexual dating websites, and many of them also shared their succefully bisexual dating experience online to publics.

3. Safer at bisexual dating websites than bisexual communities

When talking to online bisexual dating, except for bisexual dating websites, many will also choose bisexual communities to seek date or love. You may also find people who are seeking partners at bisexual communities. You don’t know who they are. If you post your ad here, there are no guarantees what kind of people will contact you. You may read many fake sexy ads at bisexual communities since there has been no prior ID verification. Then you may have exposed yourself to dangerous situations. Compared to those communities, bisexual dating websites are much safer since personal contact information is required to sign up on most bisexual dating websites.

How to Flirt with Bisexual Girls ?

bisexual dating sites

Flirting is something that you learn by constant practice. While you can learn useful tips from others who share their successful experience or tips of flirting with bisexual girls at bisexual dating sites. Since every day we have new bi curious women and men join us, we have sort out some tips for flirting with bisexual girls from other members at our bi websites.

First of all. You can start with talking to her and spending time together with her. It all begins with a look and a smile, then it goes to talking. Get the girl you’re flirting with to talk about herself. If she does, there is a high possibility that this bisexual girl also interested in you, and you can get to know more about her in this way. Be a good listener and let her talk about herself. Listen when she talks to you this is a great indicator of someone that you care. Don’t forget to make some timely and subtle response to let her know that you are listening. Sometimes listeners are more attractive than talkers. It makes you a careful and patient person.

Make eye contact and smile at your bisexual girl. Show your sincere in your eyes when you are making direct eye contact with her. Make her want to know more about you by eye-contacting. And if you get to a point where it’s appropriate a touch on her shoulder or her hand which lingers for a moment combined with eye contact can be very passionate. But remember not to take this too rush. Or else you will be considered as a pervert and you are done with her till now.

Find appropriate ways to complement her, such as her dress, her behavior or her work. When you are complimenting her, make sure to compliment accomplishments, i.e. ‘I like your way of dressing’, not attributes, i.e. ‘you have hot figures’. Make sure to emphasize her good taste, rather than her genes. That sounds more sincere and attractive.

Never rushing into things. Even if she has agreed with some little touch of her shoulder or hand, this is not a consent for dating or having sex with you. This maybe a big mistake that anyone needs to pay attention. Don’t let the rushing minds ruin your future. Keep getting to know her. Familiarity often breeds affection.

How to Give Girls Hints that You are Bisexual and Interested in them?

Why being bisexual is not an easy thing? and it is more difficult for bisexual people to find a dating partner, a true love or a soul mate? We’ve found that many members sharing a common tough situation before they joint our bisexual dating sites. Most of the bisexual women doubted how to give another girl a hint that you are bisexual and you are interested in her. This maybe the first tough thing need to be solved for bisexuals before they can actually start their bisexual dating. After all, the numbers of straight girls are far more than bisexuals, and bisexual girls are only a little group of the whole world. Most of the girls will not assume that you are interested in them in advance. So we will have a little discuss this subject today.How to Give Girls Hints that You are Bisexual -

Eyes are the mind window of the mind. All the things will start with eye contact. Try to hold eye contact with her for a little longer than the other average persons when you’re talking to each other. Eye contact always tells stories. She may get something from your eye contact.

And you need to give her a little hint for knowing that you are a bisexual. One thing you can do in advance is to queer” your appearance. Using your hair, your decorations, or your cloths as a reflection of yourself. such as wearing a pride-color wristband, or a t-shirt that says, “I’m a lesbian” in big, rainbow letters. a rainbow, or other things that can reflect your bisexual identity. If you want to be more unique or anything, try looking like the person you want people to see in you.

If it does not work yet, then maybe it is just a matter of being more obvious. If you feel safe and comfortable, just let yourself out more. It is all up to you but remembers to make your mind discreetly. The final result will be different via different places, people and time. While once you coming out as bisexual, it will definitely help.

While if you are not feeling safe to come out, the easiest way is to find join any bisexual groups, bisexual dating sites, or bisexual dating app. You may know more bisexual friends and you have more choice there.It will not bother you how to let the girl know that you are bisexual even if you do not come out yet. You can hang out with the bisexual people you met there. it’s a great way to meet new people!