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Actor Samuel Johnson’s Parents were Bisexual

Actor Samuel Johnson's Parents Bisexual
Samuel Johnson, the retired Australian actor, has revealed that both of father and mother were bisexual people on Facebook, in a post he “lifts the curtain” on the Johnson family. Samuel Johnson is best known for his role as Evan Wylde in the television series The Secret Life of Us. While he then announced earlier this year that he was quitting acting so that he can focus on his charitable commitments. He founded the wildly successful breast cancer charity Love Your Sister with his sister Connie, who has fought a long battle against breast cancer. And Samuel Johnson is now going on to urge the government to legalize gay marriage.

Johnson shared his parents’ story and in a show of support for marriage and gender equality, saying that his family had always been “out and proud of being bisexual people.”

“My mom was one of the first women to go and shark the fellas in men-only bars. My dad was staying at home before the term was coined. And mom and dad were both bi-sexual. Looking back, I suppose we were fairly progressive. I like to think we still are.” Johnson wrote mid-way into the lengthy post, “Needless to say, Love Your Sister proudly supports gender equality and free love for all. Hurry up government people, we were on to this shit decades ago.”

For those bisexual people who are not coming out yet, you will gain more courage from Samuel Johnson. There are more and more people coming out their bisexuality to the public. If you are not prepared to do so, try to find some bisexual communities or bisexual dating sites where you can meet bisexual women and men. Bisexual communities or bi websites can not only help you meet more bisexual friends, which is not easy in a real life, it also helps them find love and romance.

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  1. lidia says:

    it is true there are far more bisexuals nowadays than before


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