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Bi Dating Sites - bisexual people gathering and dating

Smartphone Makes Bisexual Dating More and More Convenient

Bisexual dating sites are on a new stage of fun and intimate moments with Smartphone. If you are inconvenient to use PC for searching, you should try bisexual dating experience via your mobile device. Except for bisexual websites, the mobile site and bisexuals apps offer big chance to chat with bisexual friends as well.

Searching and connecting with other bisexual friends all the time

If you want to experience bisexual dating with no time-limits, your Smartphone will help a lot. Unlike using bisexual dating sites with your PC, bisexuals apps allow you search and connect with others wherever you are. With the emergence of the bisexuals dating apps, just a few clicks would bring you to the bisexual world. You would have a sure guarantee of the best bi dating experience you can do with other bisexual singles and couples.

Efficient and faster communication
The Smartphone provides an easy and faster of communication by using bisexuals apps. The app allows you to chat for free with other members of the bisexual websites and apps you joined. Not everyone is given a great way to enjoy bi dating. The Smartphone together with bisexuals dating apps give you the advantage of making it all worth it. With the right bisexual apps or mobile sites of bi dating sites, there is no difficult to build a bisexual relationship with your matches.

Learn tips and tricks at your fragmented time with bisexuals apps

Some few tricks out there you need to see are waiting to be discovered. Your time can be full used of by using bisexuals apps via your Smartphone.Smartphone Makes Bisexual Dating More and More Convenient Many people would want to have a fast and reliable way of enjoying bisexual dating. And learning through Smartphone can save much of your time. You can read the bisexual dating tips and many stories at bisexual dating sites through their mobile sites or apps.

As more and more bisexual dating sites and apps could be found on the web, you have the best chance of making the most of your bisexual dating experience. There is so much more you could do with do with your Smartphone than using a computer. With the thousands of bisexual men and women out there, you might find the ideal date or the love of your life you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Why Free Bisexual Dating Sites Are not your Best Choice?

We all know that bisexual dating is not easy. To find a partner or love is never easy for bisexual men and women. This is why bisexual people are looking for love through online bisexual dating websites. Compared to those needs to pay, most people tend to opt for free bisexual dating sites. But the pay to use sites are highly advisable for users since they offer better results. There are several reasons behind this suggestion.

The most important reason for not using free bisexual dating sites is to avoid fake people. Most people who are using the pay to use services are serious about bisexual dating. They expect to find someone from these bisexual dating websites to establish the real bisexual relationships. This means that you have a higher chance of having a successful bisexual relationship at paid bisexual websites.

Why Free Bisexual Dating Sites Are not your Best Choice?
However, there will be a higher chance for you to meet fake people with fake profiles at free bisexual dating sites since they do not take time to manual check the new profiles.

Safety is another important reason for this topic. Most free bisexual dating sites allow any individual to join and no measures taken to protect members’ privacy. On the other hand, the pay to use bisexual dating websites has many measures taken to protect their members. They also provide many safety tips and advice to ensures safety when members using the site or going on a date.

There are many different bisexual websites that caters to the needs of different people, including the paid and the free bisexual dating sites. Bisexual singles and couples can decide which site is the best for them based on their own needs. The pay to use sites is also free to sign up like free bisexual dating sites, and there are basic features for users to explore for free. Only when you want to use more features, to meet more bisexual people and to increase your chance for getting a date, you will be charged then. If you are wondering how to choose the best bisexual dating sites or bisexuals apps, check it here:
Tips to Select the Best Bisexual Dating Sites and Apps

What Can you Benefit from Good Bisexual Websites?

If you are a bisexual, you must know that conventional dating approaches are difficult for all the bisexual men and women. You have to admit there are many people who still doesn’t know much about though bisexuality is just a natural sexual orientation as heterosexuality. That’s why bisexual websites are designed to carter for this kind of needs.

There are many benefits if you are using bisexual websites. It’s easy for both bisexuals and bi curious people to meet other singles who share the common interests. Good bisexual dating sites provide a relaxed but effective place for bisexual dating while keeping all your personal information in a safe state.

benefits of good bisexual websites

Free of judgment and connect with people just like you
Unlike traditional dating, most people at bisexual websites are bisexual, or open-minded people who accept bisexuality and would like to date with them. You won’t be judged here since people share the same interests. This will also help you mingle with other bisexual singles and couples easier than at any other places.

Useful features to improve your bisexual dating experience
Good bisexual websites provide useful features to ensure their members to connect with others and have more fun. There are many features you can use like instant messaging, email, live chat, advisor. And you can also find useful tips on blogs and forums of a good bi site. You won’t worry about knowing nothing about bisexual if you are bi curious people.

Safety and privacy
It is necessary for you to choose only the best bisexual  dating sites since it is the best way to keep you safe. Some fake bisexual websites are filled with scammers rather than real bisexual people looking for companionship. Good sites have many measures taken to reduce the scammer rate like manual check new profile. If you are detected are a fake person, your account will be deleted with no hesitate.

What’s more, those nice bisexual websites always aim to improve their user’s experience when using the bi websites. If you are not comfortable with showing your sexuality, you can always try the anonymity feature. Or if you want to hide your profile from certain users, you always have a way to do it.

As for how to find a best bisexual dating site to join, you can simply read the reviews of the site by editors or other users to get an overall idea about it. Believe it or not, when you have chosen the right bisexual websites to join, you have a higher chance of getting a date.

Why Bisexual Dating is so Popular in the United States?

It is not an easy thing to live in a world that your sexual orientation is not accepted and appreciated. Bisexual dating is not easy for them. That’s why bisexual men and women in many parts of the world are always trying to struggle for their existence and for finding love.
While things are different in the United States, being a bisexual are not that difficult than in other countries and regions. Bisexual dating is popular in this country. And it is common to find many bisexual dating sites and groups online to help bisexual people find partners or marriages. Here are reasons why bisexual dating is so popular in the United States.

bisexual dating popular in united states

Large numbers of bisexual and bi-curious people
According to a YouGov reports, “Overall 78% of Americans say that they are completely heterosexual while 4% say that they are completely homosexual. 16% of American adults say that they fall somewhere in between. What’s more, 1 in 3 American young adults Identify on a bisexual spectrum. This data makes it easy to find other people in the same situation to date. And this is the main reason for the popularity of bisexual dating in the United States.

High social acceptance than in any other place
Compared to most countries across the world, the America society has accepted people of the bisexual orientation as a normal part of the society. Bisexual dating is no longer an issue to be looked at with weird faces. You can be a governor like Kate Brown even you are an open bisexuals that everyone knows your sex orientation.

Bisexual celebrities
There are many celebrities who have come out as bisexual, including Hollywood stars, famous singers. Many of them are super stars, like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox. They have opened their sex orientation to the public and are proud of it. Most importantly, they have received a lot of support from the public as well. These public figures have done a great job in encouraging other bisexual people to come out of the closet. It means a lot to help do away with the stigma labeled against bisexual people.

Bisexual dating sites specially designed for bisexual people
Since there are so many bisexual people in this country, bisexual dating sites are created to satisfy the needs of this special group. It’s hard for them to find a partner at traditional dating sites, but bisexual dating sites can unite all the people with same sex orientation. Thus it makes bisexual dating easier for bisexual people. Even some straight people will come to a bisexual dating site in order to find and date sexy bisexual women.

There are even laws issued by the government to help American citizens to have any type of relationships they want. You have total freedom to date a man or woman no matter who they are. Some public institutions even have bisexual related courses to help people knowing more about bisexual. And bisexual dating sites and apps are plus to make bisexual dating easier and more popular in the United States.

Tips to Select the Best Bisexual Dating Sites and Apps

With the development of society and mobile devices, people prefer to look for a date through online dating sites and dating apps nowadays. For those who are interested in meeting and dating bisexual women, bisexual dating sites and bisexuals apps can be the best place and tool to start their bisexual dating. It can be easy for them to find love and get into meaningful relationships via bisexual dating sites and bisexuals apps.

select the best bisexual dating sites and apps

The first step towards successful bisexual dating for bisexual and bi curious singles is to find someone who can accept their sexual orientation and understand them . Bisexual dating sites and apps are designed for this kind of people. While sometimes it can be difficult to decide which site or app to use. Here are a few tips that you need consider when looking for a site to join or an app to download.

Large numbers of active members.

If you do plan on making use of bisexual dating sites, choose a right one can make things easier for you. One factor you need to consider is the member base of the site. If the bi dating site you choose only have few members to use, you will meet less people here and your chance for getting a date will be lower. A good bisexual dating site will attract a large numbers of people to use. Some sites are worldwidely popular and their members can come from all over the world. No matter where are you, you can find some loacal bisexual men and women easily with good sites and apps.

Ease to use.

Most people don’t want to spend time on a site or an app that is difficult to navigate. A site with clear and easy navigation will help you save your time.  As soon as you open the site or app, you will find the way to continue. Good bisexual dating sites and apps come with really useful features to help you with your dating.  You may experience getting things done by simplly swipes and clicks since good sites will give better user experence.
Safe dating.

As we all known, bisexual people is just like lesbians and gays who are not accepted by people in some place. Meanwhile, the security of the internet is also a question. When you choose any bisexuals apps or sites to join, you need take safe  factor at an important place. There are many free bisexual dating sites and apps exsites, which include a high chance of meeting fake profiles and people. You’d better choose those sites who will have mannual check on profiles and take high priority on protecting users’ privacy.

Top 5 Lesbian Dating Apps Recommended before Valentine’s Day

Compared to a few years ago, we are now living in a new age of dating where gender identity is no longer that stiff. You can be who you really are. It is a better world now for LGBT persons to live in nowadays. Even it may still hard for them in most places of the world. There are many dating sites and dating apps special designed for them. Today we will recommend 5 best lesbian dating apps for lesbians.


1. Bicupid app

Bicupid is one of the best bisexuals apps in the world. While it is designed not only for bisexual people, other LGB persons are also welcomed to this app and its site. Thus it is very common to find lesbians and gays at Bicupid. This app lets you be yourself without anyone judging you. Plus, the numbers of female members are about 15 % more than male members on the Bicupid app. With more than 16 years at online dating business, Bicupid boasts a large member base for their members to meet each other.

bisexuals apps

2. FindHrr

Findhrr is the most popular lesbian app for lesbian and queer women across the world. It has launched in many countries and has both English and Spanish version for now. With hundreds of women joining this app every week, it is quite simple to find a girl to chat, gossip, as well as meet and date. You can find ladies on the map or search by location, age and relationship status. It is free to join. Why not have a try?


3. Her

Her was built by LGBTQ women just for lesbians, bisexual and queer people worldwide. This is a popular lesbian dating app around. It’s a great way to meet the lesbian and bisexual woman that you ever wanted to meet. Just imagine when you are surrounded by new awesome lesbian friends, you will chat with your work and life together. And you can get anything that ranged from on night stands to serious relationships.


4. Fem

FEM has something different with all the other lesbian dating apps – video dating feature for lesbians and bi curious persons. You can browse through videos of lesbians and single bi females nearby and around the world. A video can communicate so much about a person than a picture or just some lines of the words. It’s a great way to meet people nearby, make friends, chat, date, and more.


5. Bumble

Why is Bumble included in our selection for one of best lesbian dating apps? Because it has a big feminist feature — only girls can send the first message. Boys are not allowed to send the first message on Bumble.  Girls hold all the power here. They are supposed to initiate the conversation once they’ve made a match, or else they disappear after 24 hours.


As Valentine’s day is on the way, start to find someone now!

Lady Gaga: First LGBT Hit of Super Bowl Halftime Show

ladygaga super bowl 2017

HOUSTON, February 5, 2017 – Lady Gaga sang her famous pro-LGBT song “Born This Way” during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Thus Lady Gaga becomes the first person to ever to mention LBGT community, including “lesbian,” “gay,” “bi,” or “transgender” at the Super Bowl:

“Don’t be a drag, just be a queen

Whether you’re broke or evergreen

You’re black, white, beige, chola descent

You’re Lebanese, you’re Orient

Whether life’s disabilities

Left you outcast, bullied, or teased

Rejoice and love yourself today

‘Cause, baby, you were born this way

No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgender life.”

This is huge for the whole LGBT community, especially under the new government leads by Trump. As an openly bisexual singer, Lady Gaga has made a good move for promoting LGBT agenda on this big national event. About 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year, including the president of the United States -Trump.

Tips for Bisexual Couples to Have a Threesome

Threesome maybe a controversial topic to talk about in the reality since for many of us, threesome seems like kind of sex exploits that only happen in the movies. Not all the bisexuals love threesome, but there are many bisexual couples seeking men or women to join them in order to explore sexuality. And we also have bisexual men and women seeking couples a lot at couples dating sites. While it is a matter of fact that having threesome is every guy’s dream sexual fantasy. And when you plan to put it into practice, there are some things that you need to know.

threesome tips-couples dating sites

Choose the right person.
You should choose the third partner wisely, especially when you’re part of a couple. Never thinking about to mention any of your ex-lovers or best friends. It’s never the best choice. There is one sex and relationship expert who recommends finding a single person in your bisexual dating sites, couples dating sites, or groups who you’re not too close with. But he or she should have an open mind to a threesome.

Get clear about the bottom line.
You should have a good communication before you do it. What is acceptable for your partner and what’s not? Get all the information first before you met the third person to get rid of a fight or more. Talk about what’s on and off the table. And there are other things to talk about after you three met. Does your guest stick with foreplay? What’s position would make all you guys want to have a try? Is it Ok to kiss? Remember the most important thing is getting clear about everyone’s bottom line.

Have safe sex.
You don’t want to risk of being affected STDs on a crazy night doing threesome, right? Keep condoms nearby and always remember to have a protection. The conversation about STI status should have been had before you actually doing it, even with protection in hand. It’s not something bad to talk about but shows respect for your partner(s) and yourself.

Just enjoy it.
Since you have been here, just feel free to experience and enjoy it. Take the time to find out what makes you tick sexually and then share that with the other two. Be open and brave to the new experience. You will like it once you really get engaged in it.

Remember that you are a grown, and you are not an animal. Having threesome fantasy is ok and putting it into reality can be ok too. But it is not right to think about it all the time.

What should do when you found yourself bisexual after getting married? How do you tell your husband or wife that you are bisexual? That’s the question our members have met before, and they are so kind to share their stories with all the other members at our couples dating sites. We have sorted out some advice from their stories to help those who are facing the problem now.

couple dating sites

Honest, with kindness, compassion, and all the love for him/her. Some bisexual people think it is kinder to keep their sexual realization in secret. It is really not true. Your spouse deserves to know the real truth about who you are. You must respect both of you, and move on with your life. In this case, you don’t have a choice in your sexual attraction, but you do have a choice in being honest about it with your spouse. If you realize that you are bisexual woman who is fantasizing about another woman, you have the responsibility, to be honest with your husband. It works best by being honest about what you are no matter how difficult that is.

Choose a right time to tell. We know some members on bisexual dating app have a hard coming out store by choosing a wrong time.  This is not a conversation to have on those big days, like a major holiday, wedding anniversary, your birthday, or any other important days that get commemorated annually. Don’t choose to tell on those days for you may ruin the celebration atmosphere. Choose the other days to have this conversation, and the sooner the better.

Do it quick, stick to the facts, do not go to anything else. This is really important point mentioned by almost every member who encountered this situation at our couples dating sites. You can not feel all the pain from your husband or wife. And there are not many things that you can do for them. Look in the eyes fo your spouse, tell that you are bisexual and apologize for not realizing till now. Divorce or rebuild your relationship after they accept the fact. It’s the only way to help your spouse move on.

The one thing we know is that most people in this situation have never, ever regretted coming out to their spouse. If you want to know more stories, just join our couples dating sites to find it. Members here are willing to share their stories and give advice for your bisexual life! Anyway, once you do it, you will feel like to be a whole person again.  At last, welcome to the bisexual world to start your bisexual dating and bisexual relationships !

What to do when you Find yourself Bisexual after Getting Married?

bisexual websites

If you are looking for love and romance online at bisexual websites or bisexual dating app, a great profile is the key to sucess bisexual relationships. You are marketing yourself to other members online. So you need a good profile to show you off in a way that can catch other’s eye and interest instantly. Let’s admit that your profile will be a major factor in any sucessfual bisexual relationships. A good profile can not only tell the right things about you, also truly reflects who you’re looking for.

Make your profile by conveying sincerity.

Don’t be afraid of telling people who you really are and what you like. A truly attractive person has the confidence to express their own feelings and thoughts without caring what others think. Just remember not trying to “big” yourself up when you write your main bio. Otherwise it will be a false ad, which maybe not taken as a real person. Don’t try to pretend yourself to be a sexy lady when you are not that kind of woman in reality. Be your authentic self and convey that in your profile.

Write an intriguing headline for your profile.

Having a headline is a good way to make your profile outstanding from thousands of profiles at biseuxal dating websites. Don’t think about write everything in this initial area. You can put two to three sentences to describe your main feature and tell what kind of person you’re looking for. Choose a favorite movie quote or a line or two from your favorite book, or it can be a lyric. It will help a lot if your headlines are intriguing and honest. And do not forget to make it brief and to the point.

Describe yourself by telling a story.

Make an intertesting story instead of just list everything out. Most bisexual websites has the same content design about the profile area. After filling in your basic information, you can add more details about yourself in a main text area. Write a story to describe the things you’re passionate about, like your interests and hobbies. The more details that you can provide the better results for your bisexual dating. People can know more about you in this way. If you like traveling, take the chance to discuss your favorite place that you’ve ever been to or you want to visit. And you may use some open questions to attract people’s attention. When someone message you to answer your questions, your profile get the way.

Check your spelling and grammar.

People will judge your intelligence by how you write. While it is so important to have smart text on your profile. Thinking about when you are reaching a profile with horrible spelling and grammar. Would you have the willing to contact him or her? I m afraid not. We have heard so many members from our bisexual websites talking about it. Little things like typos will make some of them quickly move on to the next profile.

Start your Bisexual Dating with a Perfect Profile!